Studios and apartments Μaria Mpotou in Sykia Halkidiki


In a quiet setting accommodated our 6 studios, just a short distance from the sea you will find the holiday you want and dream. Here you will find a large green yard with space for a playground and a pavilion, a large barbecue grill and secure parking space for your car.

Sykia located on the east side of Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki, nine kilometers from the village of Sarti near the edge of Sithonia. The village itself is situated two kilometers from the sea at the foot of the mountains. It combines the mountains with the plain and the sea in a way that certainly creates an irresistible beauty. The seas of diverse and unique to the purity of the water and the beauty of its coasts. Few places in the world like in Pergola, in Tourkolimano, Kalamitsi, in Porto Koufo ... Its history is lost in time, leaving behind a series of historical events and heroic figures who left their indelible mark on Greek history.